Sherpa Program

40 Days of Growth

DM sherpas will become integral members of the DM community as co-workers and fellow disciples of our Lord Jesus. Sherpas have a two-fold purpose. First, DM sherpas live up to their name by helping to carry the physical load of the ministry.  Sherpas will be responsible for maintenance of grounds, cleaning bathrooms, office projects, expedition-logistics support, and physical plant projects. Secondly, Sherpas will grow through spiritual disciplines and discipleship directed by DM staff members. Sherpas grow through the challenges of Christian ministry while being supported by DM's community of seasoned ministers.

Who Qualifies?

To participate in the sherpa program, you must be a professed Christian, age 17-19ish.


The Sherpa program is 40 days long, beginning on the last Monday in May and ending on the weekend after the 4th of July.


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