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Training for Missions

We took them to Missouri

We took a group of families that were heading to Africa and helped them get ready.  They needed to practice carrying each others burdens so we gave them heavy backpacks.  They brought their children, who needed to be ready for Africa too, so we gave them lighter backpacks.  They wanted to know how their families would cope with travel, so we crammed  the whole bunch of us into jeeps and headed out to the wilderness on old logging trails.  They were curious about what it would feel like to say farewell to all that was familiar, so our jeep drivers tossed our gear and us out in the middle of nowhere and sped off down the trail leaving us vulnerable with nothing but the stuff on our back and each other. 

After a few days of back country navigation, cooking over a fire and huffing our packs over God's green earth one of the men on the team asked, “Why does it have to be so hard?  This seems a little extreme don't you think?”  To him a Discovery Ministries instructor, a veteran of foreign missions replied, “There is nothing we can do to you out here that will be more difficult than Africa.”   Six months later that man wrote to DM thanking us for the lessons from that trip that he uses everyday.

That's what we aim to do with our missions trainings. We want you to think its the hardest thing you ever did so that when you follow Jesus into the scariest calling you ever will you will be able to say, ”Yes!  I can do that!"


Discovery Ministries partners with TRAIN International's two-week Orient pre-departure training by leading participants through a multiple day wilderness expedition providing experiences through which potential challenge, embracing the unexpected, dealing with conflict, and more can be addressed.


Since DM is a support-raising ministry, we recognize the dedication required to prepare for the mission-field financially. We also recognize the importance of training a team so that time spent overseas is effective. That is why eligible missions teams may receive up to 20% off for training with us

Joel Bates

Joel Bates, Director

WMA Wilderness First Responder, NCRC Cave Rescue, NASAR SAR-tech 3, ACA Swift-water Rescue, ACA Whitewater Instructor, Bachelor of Biblical literature from Ozark Christian College

Interests: trail running, whitewater canoeing, spending time with the family

Even if it took a little time to warm up to it, the trip turned out to be a wonderful experience, designed in part to bring us closer as families, as a team, to inspire and motivate leadership (and follower-ship) in each of us, and to provide a sort of real-life 'laboratory' where we could work through issues like stress and frustration -- things we will no doubt deal with when we get overseas. - Missionary with Team Expansion after a DM Missions Training