Sherpa Program Details


To be a qualifying applicant to the sherpa program, you must be a professed christian, ages 17-19ish. First, submit an application (see below.) Second, schedule a phone or personal conversation with a director. Third, await final selection of candidates.


The Sherpa program is 40 days long, beginning on the last Monday in May and ending  on the weekend after the 4th of July.


Participate in DM staff training- this may include conflict management, MBTI, belay training etc.
Participate in weekly DM staff meetings.
Participate in weekly personal discipleship debriefing.
Participate in weekly sherpa-team meeting.
Complete sherpa maintenance/cleaning responsibilities and discipleship responsibilites.
Join DM staff on at least 3 adventure activities with contracted groups during the term.


Sherpas will be responsible for maintenance of grounds, cleaning bathrooms, office projects, expedition-logistics support, and physical plant projects. Sherpas will complete discipleship reading, classwork and scripture memory by assigned deadlines. Dedicated sherpas relieve DM staff of a significant daily work-load, while creating time for the dynamic discipleship they receive.


Formally, discipleship in the Sherpa program will take place through weekly sherpa-team meetings, bible study, DM staff meetings, prayer, and weekly personal discipleship sessions. Informally, discipleship in the program will emerge from sherpa team responsibilities, work-projects alongside DM staff, and day-to-day living in the DM community.


The Sherpa program is an invitation into discipleship with seasoned christian ministers who rely on the Lord's provision through generous donations and group participation. As such, this intense, rich learning experience embodies the educational value of a high-quality college course in spiritual formation. Also, sherpas will be provided with housing, meals in the lodge with groups, outdoor skill teaching from skilled professionals, and a $440 allowance for the term. As their training-level allows, sherpas may gain access to low-ropes elements or the climbing wall for recreational use. Sherpas will get 1-2 days off per week.

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