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Discovery Ministries Prices

*Prices subject to change

Expedition Pricing:

Challenge Expeditions:                        Price (per person)
6-7 Day Challenge Expedition $65.00/day
8-21 Day Challenge Expedition $55.00/day
Recreation Expedition:                        Price (per person)
Ozark Nat'l Scenic Riverways Area $75.00/day
0-500 Miles* from DM (e.g. Arkansas)** $90.00/day
500-1000 Miles* from DM** $95.00/day
1000-1500 Miles* from DM (e.g. N.C.)** $100.00/day
1500+ Miles* from DM (e.g. BWCA)** $105.00/day

*"Miles from DM" refers to the roundtrip total travel miles                                 **$10/person per day discount if you provide transportation from DM for the entire trip.

Adventure Retreat Pricing:

Activity Options:                                  Price (per person)
Canoeing - Jacks Fork River $24.00
Canoeing - Current River $24.00
Rock Climbing/Rappelling* $50.00
Caving* $30.00
Orienteering* $25.00
Group Initiatives $20.00
High Group Initiatives $25.00
Mt.  Zippy's Revenge $30.00
Challenge Valley High Teams Complex $50.00
Low Ropes  $25.00
Climbing Lessons $20.00

*DM offers a $5/person discount on Rock Climbing, Caving, & Orienteering if you provide the vehicle for transportation.

Lodging Options:                 Price (per person)
Tent Camping $7.00/night
RV/Camper Camping $10.00/night
Lodge Rooms $20.00/night
Meal Options:                    Price (per person)*
Breakfast $8.00
Lunch $8.00
Dinner $11.00
Additional Options:            Price (per session)
Leading Worship $25.00
Sermons/Devotions $25.00

*DM offers a 20% discount on meals to groups providing kitchen help.

For Reservations: call toll free (866)307-1947 or email contact@goDM.org