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Camp Guidelines

What is considered modest at Discovery Ministries?

DM activities are often physically demanding. This means participants should wear clothing that they can feel free to be active in, without being revealing. If someone feels uncomfortable with another individual's attire, we will consider resolving that issue with conversation and action. Our facilitators will ask you to change clothes or add clothes if they determine your clothing is immodest. Two-piece bathing suits are not allowed.

The bottom line is that we want the focus to be on spiritual and emotional growth rather than attraction of the opposite sex.

What about cell phones?


Coverage may be spotty and unreliable. Many areas in which we do activities do not get a signal.

Cell phones and programming:

An important aspect of the Discovery Ministries experience is separation from the normal pace of life. The very purpose of cell phones is a constant connection with normal life. Therefore, we do not want participants to carry cell phones during activities. We don’t mind one sponsor carrying a cell phone as long as the cell phone is turned off and the sponsor will only use it with the facilitators’ permission.

We encourage group leaders to collect cell phones at the beginning of the week or leave them at home in order to maintain a unifying group experience.