1983--Established as a non-profit Christian Camp with a board of directors. Gary Colvin is the Executive Director.
1983--Operated from Christian Encounter Ministries' property on Sinkin Creek near Bunker, Missouri. Topped 360 campers.
1984--March, moved to our present location on E Highway west of Eminence, Missouri, purchasing 13 ½ acres from Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Rader.
1984--Moved the pavilion to the "new" property.
1985--Built the first ropes courses.
1985--Topped 1000 campers.
1986--Began raising funds for Railtree Lodge.
1990--Topped 2000 campers.
1991--Finished Railtree Lodge and built ½ of Pine Hollow Cabin.
1992--Topped 2500 campers.
1993--Finished Pine Hollow Cabin.
1996--Purchased additional 42 acres (giving a total of 55 ½ acres) and renovated the office.
1997--Broke ground and started raising funds for Iron Stake Lodge.
1999--Topped 3000 campers.
2001--Completed Iron Stake Lodge in July, began raising funds for staff house.
2002--Broke ground for the new staff house.
2003--Finished staff house, moved in November 1.
2005--Broke ground for new office and maintenance building.
2005--Gary Colvin and David Freeman transition into Co-Directorship.
2006--Finished maintenance building and put up walls and roof for new office.
2009--Completed first apartment in new office building.
2012--Joel Bates and Jeremy Pincosy transition into Co-Directorship as Gary Colvin and David Freeman resigned.
2013--Jeremy Pincosy resigns as Co-Director & Joel Bates becomes Executive Director
2016--Challenge Valley High Teams Complex opens.